New Beginnings

New Beginnings

As we wrap up designs, shut down or sewing machines, log off our computers, we go back home to be just like you. Wrap our arms around our loved ones, cuddle up in a bed or play fetch with our dogs. When it comes down to it we're just like you. So we want to bring that same essence to our clothing. We want to sell you something we know you'll love. Wether it's that shirt you wear to the skate park or that dress you wear on your first date. We want you to wear it in mind that 4U Clothing has your back. We wouldn't put anything on your back that we wouldn't put on ours.

We know the average person can't drop a car note on a wardrobe. So we want to bring you clothing your closet will be impressed with at a rate your wallet won't hate you for. Gear inspired by Toronto street wear and abroad. You will see our apparel in music videos, street art and photography. We design our products with hip-hop fashion moguls. We've worked with many musicians and creative artists in the greater Toronto area. Please contact us if you know a talent or creative artist in your area you believe would benefit from our sponsorship!

We love working with musicians, bloggers, models & more. We're always open to new opportunities. Feel free to contact us with any general inquiries, concerns or suggestions. 


4U Clothing Staff

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