10 Horror Movie Streetwear Collabs We’d Kill For

10 Horror Movie Streetwear Collabs We’d Kill For

Yesterday, we got a look at a new Supreme collaboration dropping this Thursday as a homage to the classic horror flick Hellraiser. It was one that caught us by surprise – maybe even scared the shit out of a few people – but it definitely got us thinking of a few possibilities.

Take a look at 10 horror films that would make killer streetwear collaborations. Keep scrolling to peep our full casting call:

Child’s Play x KITH Kids

Aside from the fact that KITH Kids is probably the only brand a Chucky doll can actually fit in for the lookbook, the accessories alone would make this the greatest brand mashup ever. Chucky Machete keychains? Life-size Streetwear Chucky? Copped!


Scream x A Bathing Ape

A brand that will never die meets a slasher flick franchise that refuses to die as well. A Bape Ape mask would be fire, and Ghostface tees would obviously sell out. Hey, maybe this could even be the perfect tie-in with the new Scream series on MTV so people will actually watch it.


Psycho x Anti Social Social Club

Norman Bates is the OG antisocial, so this collaboration is pretty much right on brand. The color theme: black and white. The standout piece: transparent shower curtains. Sold exclusively at boutique motels across America and a limited release overseas.


Halloween x The Hundreds

Remember that scene in Halloween II (SPOILER ALERT!) when Michael Myers is burnt to a crisp in the hospital? Yeah, that was the The Hundreds’ signature bomb mascot working its magic. Now the two meet again for a “Halloween VS The Hundreds” end-all battle to the finish — complimented by a few coaches jackets and snapbacks for us to enjoy during the melee. Somebody get Universal Studios on the line!


Stephen King’s It x Stüssy

We chose Stüssy because they’re the only brand outside of Supreme that could sell red balloons for over $10 and the world will line up to cop them with no questions asked. Also, a yellow Anorak-style raincoat as a tribute to Georgie would definitely sell out ASAP.


Nightmare on Elm Street x adidas

We all know adidas is the ultimate brand for turning our streetwear dreams into realities, but imagine what warped up nightmares they could come with! Getting the granddaddy of night terrors in the mix would be perfect. Anything with Freddy Krueger’s face on it, or even his menacing claw marks, will have people running for their lives just as equally as they will be running for fitness.


Texas Chainsaw Massacre x Louis Vuitton

A leather goods brand that does wonders with streetwear collabs. A killer with the actual name Leatherface. Do we really need to state the obvious here? Besides, with the work that guy has done using only a needle and human flesh, we can only imagine what could come from a creative session alongside Virgil Abloh.



With as many sequels that we’ve seen Jigsaw come back to life in — not to mention that 3D movie *face-palm* — there’s no denying that he’s the undisputed, undefeated killer of slasher films. If this one ever happens IRL, we wouldn’t need a life-threatening booby trap puzzle to appreciate life.


Poltergeist x Patta

This one works strictly as a win for alliteration aficionados. On top of that, Patta is famous for dropping collaborations that have people possessed – err, we mean obsessed! – to get their hands on.


Nosferatu x Nike

If we’re talking about the greatest, oldest horror to ever exist, you’ve got to pull out the big boys to get the job done. Nike will make a campaign video, a sneaker, an apparel line, and a landing page – and that’s just for starters. All Nosferatu has to is sleep during the day and promote at night during a few dimly-lit events. Perfect if you ask us.

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